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Strom Sports nutrition SystolMAX created to help control blood pressure.

What is in Strom Sports SystolMAX?

L-Citrulline at a 6g dose this widens blood vessels allowing for easier blood flow and a resulting reduction in blood pressure.

Beta Vulgaris (Beetroot) which is one of the natures very best nitrate-rich compounds.  In studies they have been shown to be effective for reducing blood pressure by as much as 5.4-10mmhg for those drinking beetroot juice compared to 0 reductions in the control group (drinking water).

Inulin is extracted from the root of the Chicory plant effective for the management of cholesterol especially LDL (bad) cholesterol. This overall cholesterol-lowering effect could reduce the stiffness of large arteries and thus could potentially reduce blood pressure’ . Fibres tested such as this during this study lowered BP by 7.5mmhg Systolic and 5.5mmhg Diastolic respectively over an 8 week period.

White Willow Bark is a long time used source of the chemical salicin (Salicylic Acid) which was the basis for the blood-thinning drug aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid). This mechanism of action relaxes and dilates the small blood vessels and can lead to reduced blood pressure via thinning of the blood.

Lycopene is a tomato derived anti-oxidant powerhouse which is phenomenal at improving blood flow. Studies shown that intake of at least 12mg Lycopene per day, can drastically lower systolic blood pressure levels, there is a whopping 50mg dose within SystolMAX ensuring it’s anti-oxidant rich effects keep your heart and blood pressure covered here.

Magnesium citrate, this mineral is essential for blood pressure management and is effective at lowering both Systolic and Diastolic BP within individuals. It has also been shown to protect against BP elevation also as a result, it’s the mechanism of action relaxes the blood vessels leading to improved BP markers.


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    Essential and effective

    Posted by Andrew Sykes on 14th Jul 2022

    Very effective product. Since using this my blood pressure has been back in normal range. One of the most important supplements in my stack. Will definitely be ordering again. Brilliant service and rapid delivery.