About Us


 Stupps was launched in 2019. 

We wanted to create a space to shop where first class customer service is at the forefront.

Product advice is available 24/7 allowing you to purchase the perfect supplement based on your needs, budget and goals. 

We decided to only distribute premium, high quality supplements that we have tried, tested and approved! We source these from the USA, Australia and Europe. We also stock the best UK brands. So unfortunately if you are looking for cheap mass marketed products you are in the wrong place !

Of course we are interested in making a buck but we are more interested in ensuring people buy products that are actually fit for purpose ! 

These can all be purchased through our site or in store. We have loyalty schemes running both online and in store . 

To help us choose the best brands we have a team of athletes made up of competitors, online coaches and just all round fitness nerds who love to try new products ! You can find their favourite products on their page. 

We hope you enjoy shopping at Stupps.